TMMTO – That Makes Me Think Of.

I have accumulated a large amount of the internet in my head and every time I meet someone nice it just pours right out of my mouth and into their orifices, mostly ears. Or it pours out of my fingers via a textbox and into their eyes and then probably ears too, because it’s a video, silly.

While at first this wave of information leaves a good impression, people get overwhelmed over time. They have their own interests and priorities – they become bored, but I do not! So I need a space to talk about these internets and I choose this space. TMMTO is now a thing.

I grew up watching vlogs and it has been my main source of person. Would not be much of a person if not for these. Like the vlogger is Ze Frank, and you should totally go watch all his videos because he is an amazing internet person who will inspire you and make you laugh, cry and wonder how can someone have so much bouncy creativity in them.

And then I think about how I met Ze Frank for the first time – it was actually very coincidental (much like everything else on the internet). It was through this other vloger, called Wheezy Waiter (Craig Benzine).

He lives in a house where he has a bunch of clones, a dolphin, a crocodile pit, random things happen and then he tells you stories. He also (maybe not anymore) has an indie rock band. I followed him for a couple of years and saw him go from a crappy apartment to a better apartment to getting a really lovely girlfriend and then my life happened and I stopped watching. But it was nice, seeing a person grow, develop jokes, develop an audience. And then one day in September 2014 a video of his popped up on reddit’s front page and it made me the happiest person. Because Craig was being amazing and happy and made a life for himself.

Another great youtuber that Wheezy Waiter introduced me to was Nerdwriter (Evan Puschak), who is absolutely amazing in very different ways.

(note: there is actually no common scientific consensus on free will)

Now, Evan just blows my mind. He came out of nowhere, started really small with barely any recognition and has built up (it appears he is in his stage of biggest growth at the moment) a massive following over the 3 years he has been posting. Right from the get go he had an impressive standard of quality and his personal authentic style. His topics and analysis clearly indicating a high standard of research and his eloquency consistently blow my mind. And they should blow yours too.

If we take yet another step back from Wheezy Waiter, we get to Dean Leysen, who didn’t quite ever become big, but he did lead me onto Wheezy Waiter. I do not remember how, maybe he mentioned Craig somewhere in a forum post about his favorite Youtubers, I could not quite trace it down. And while I did not remain watching, I am really grateful to this guy for bringing my attention to neuroplasticity about 5 years ago, which is just an absolutely awesome concept and allows you to finally obtain power in your psycheWhich is something everyone should be able to do.

The path beyond Dean Leysen gets misty, there have been some other people, but none of them have left a lasting impression. More so, since Ze Frank, many scientific/educational have spawned on youtube and they are all magnificent. I won’t go into much detail about them, but they are no less incredible than any of the ones above.


This is not a comprehensive list of great youtubers I know, but they are the ones that have had a lasting impact on me. Who had a lasting impact on you? Why and what makes them great?